Quantum Thermal Cracking ( QTC )

What Is QTC?

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Quantum Thermal Cracking

A technology that can change organic & inorganic substances like used truck tires, plastics waste, toner cartridges, industrial waste sludge, rubber waste, municipal solid waste, etc. into oil, gas and charcoal.


How Does It Work?

End of life wastes enters into the hopper where organic and inorganic substances are thermally cracked at 400°C heat in an airtight reactor fitted with our propriety permanent catalyst. After the process, vapours enters into the Rx Chamber and through the condensor to be cooled off and finally produces the final product, Oil, Gas and Charcoal.

1. Using the QTC, end of life plastic waste can be refined into other useful products

2. Waste 100% → Results: Oil,  charcoal, Gas, Water

3. Results→ Refined into: AV Gas, Petrol, Kerosene, Diesel, Solid Fuel, Own Use & Sales Gas

Why QTC?

QTC is the base process powered by the permanent catalytic cracking process and managing waste in an eco-friendly way. After years of research and development, including technology trials in Malaysia and Europe, our technology has reached a mature stage and ready for commercialization.


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DescriptionW2W QTCPyrolysisIncinerator
Unique TechnologyQTC is a pyrolysis system fitted with our proprietary catalytic conversion technology, cracking at 400˚Pyrolysis is the thermal decoUmposition of materials at 400°C, in absent of oxygen to oil, syngas & charcoalIncineration is a waste treatment process that involves the combustion of organic substances at 1200˚
Existing Plant / PilotNetherland and scaled down plant at Shah AlamSeveral plants but all have closed due to failure and several small tyre plants are still in operationsThere are many big plants in operations
Various FeedstockVegetable Oil, Animal Fats, Natural Rubber, MSW, End Of Life Plastic Waste, Used Car & Truck Tyres, Tar, Bitumen, Heavy Oils, Used Oils, Waxes, Greases, Animal Manures, Garden Wastes, Wood, Hazardous Wastes, Oil Sludges, Palm Oil Sludges. All materials except Glass, Metal & Water.Cleaned Plastics (PP, PE, PS), Wood, Car Tyres. Very limited and no liquid wastes.Municipal Solid Waste, Waste Wood, Wood Pellets.
Good OutputOil, Charcoal, Gas, Water refined to AV Gas, Petrol, Kerosene, Diesel, Solid Fuel, Own Use & Sales GasBio-Oil, Fuel Oil, Heating Oil, for combustions.Heat for boilers to run Steam Turbine Genset
Bad OutputNoneSyngas which are Methane + Carbon MonoxideAsh & Slags
Lifespan20 Years5 years20 years
Construction Period1 Year1 to 1.5 years3 years